Asian hornets: Why does this harmful invasive cause so much damage?

Frelons asiatiques : Pourquoi cet invasif nuisible fait-il tant de dégâts ?
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The arrival of Asian hornets in France has raised many concerns. These insects, native to Asia, are known for their aggressiveness and their ability to cause considerable damage.

But why do these invasive pests cause so much damage? This is what we will discover in this article.

A formidable invasive species

The Asian hornet, or Vespa velutina, is an invasive species which was accidentally introduced into France in the early 2000s. Since then, it has spread widely throughout the country, causing many problems.

These insects are particularly dangerous for biodiversity. Indeed, they are great predators of insects, especially bees.

According to INRAE ​​(National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment), a single Asian hornet nest can destroy up to 30,000 bees per day!

This has a disastrous impact on local bee populations and therefore pollination.

A danger to humans

Asian hornets are not only a threat to biodiversity. They also represent a danger to humans. Their sting is extremely painful and can cause serious allergic reactions, even fatal in some cases.

Additionally, these insects are very aggressive when they feel threatened. They can attack in groups and pursue their victim for several tens of meters.

It is therefore strongly recommended not to approach an Asian hornet nest without adequate protection.

How to fight Asian hornets?

Faced with this threat, it is essential to put in place effective control measures. The destruction of nests is a solution often recommended.

However, this operation must be carried out by professionals to avoid any risk.

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There are also Asian hornet traps that allow queens to be captured in the spring, before they found new colonies.

These traps must be used with caution so as not to trap other insect species.

Finally, research is working on more environmentally friendly solutions, such as the use of natural predators or viruses specific to Asian hornets.

Prevention, a major issue

Beyond the struggle, prevention is a major issue in managing the Asian hornet problem. It is important to inform the public about the risks associated with these insects and the good practices to adopt to prevent their spread.

If you spot an Asian hornet nest, it is imperative not to intervene alone and to quickly contact the competent services.

Remember that every action counts to preserve our environment and our health. So, please share this article with your loved ones and come back soon for more tips and information on pest protection.

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