These underground pests are a threat to your garden!

découvrez comment protéger votre jardin des nuisibles souterrains grâce à nos conseils de jardinage. restez alertes et prévenez les menaces qui peuvent nuire à la santé de votre jardin!
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Ah, gardening! This passion that allows us to cultivate our little corner of paradise. But be careful, dear green-fingered friends, your haven of peace is under constant threat from underground invaders.

These pests, often invisible, can wreak havoc before you even know it. So, arm yourself with knowledge and find out how to protect your garden from these unwanted people.

Termites: Silent Destroyers

Under our feet, termites are busy. These little creatures are capable of destroying the very structure of your garden. They feed on wood, but also on roots, endangering your trees and shrubs.

To detect them, look out for small mud tubes they build to move around or discarded wings near entry points. An infestation left untreated can cause extensive and costly damage.

The Mole, This Little Burrower

There mole, with its tunnels and mounds of dirt, may look cute in cartoons, but it’s far from it in your backyard. By digging, it damages the roots and disrupts plant growth.

If you see regular mounds in your lawn, it’s time to take action. Specific traps or professional intervention may be necessary to resolve the problem.

Chafer Larvae: A Scourge for Roots

The larvae of cockchafer, commonly called white grubs, are a real scourge for the roots of your plants. These voracious creatures feed on roots, weakening and sometimes killing plants.

To combat them, there are beneficial nematodes that can be introduced into the soil to specifically target these larvae without harming the garden ecosystem.

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Phytoparasitic Nematodes: Small But Dangerous

Never underestimate plant parasitic nematodes. These microscopic soil worms attack plant roots, causing knots and general weakening.

Symptoms include yellowing and wilting of leaves. Studies have shown that crop rotation and the use of resistant plants can help control their population.

Natural and Effective Solutions

To fight against these underground pests, favor natural methods that preserve the biodiversity of your garden. The use of natural predators, like certain insects or birds that feed on these pests, can be an effective strategy.

In addition, maintaining healthy soil through good fertilization and regular aeration can discourage the installation of these undesirables.

Remember, prevention is key: inspect your garden regularly for signs of pest activity and act quickly to avoid a major infestation. If the problem persists or seems out of control, do not hesitate to call a professional.

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