7 Signs of a Bedbug Invasion You Probably Didn’t Know

Les 7 signes d'une invasion de punaises de lit que vous ignorez probablement
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Bedbugs invite themselves into our rooms without warning. Do you think you’re safe? Think again! These cunning insects know how to be discreet.

Here are seven signs of bedbug infestation which you are probably unaware of and which could well disturb the peace of your home.

1. Small red or brown stains on the sheets

You changed your sheets recently and already, suspicious spots appear? Be careful, these could be traces of blood caused by bedbugs after their nightly feast. These marks are often the first indication of an unwanted presence.

2. Unexplained itching when you wake up

If you wake up with itching or small spots lined up or grouped together, this may be a sign that bedbugs have taken up residence in your room. These bites may resemble those of mosquitoes, but they are often more painful and last longer.

3. Tiny exoskeletons

Bedbugs grow by molting. If you find small transparent exoskeletons near your bed or in the corners of your room, it is an alarm signal. These empty shells are proof that bedbugs are multiplying somewhere near you.

4. A sweet, unpleasant smell

A bedbug infestation can be accompanied by a sweetish smell, similar to that of rotten almonds. This scent is produced by the scent glands of stink bugs and can be quite strong in cases of severe infestation.

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5. Visible insects

Of course, the most obvious sign remains the very presence of bedbugs. These little creatures measure around 5mm and are visible to the naked eye. They usually hide in mattress seams, bed frames or behind peeled wallpaper.

6. Black spots on or around the mattress

By inspecting your mattress, you may discover black dots which are actually the excrement of bed bugs. These marks are often grouped together and can also be found on sheets or walls.

To prevent these pests from further disrupting your sleep and damaging your property, it is crucial to be vigilant and intervene quickly as soon as these signs are detected. Solutions exist, ranging from natural methods to professional interventions.

If you have spotted one or more of these signs in your home, it’s time to act! Share this article with your friends and come back soon for more news, tips and advice on keeping your home pest-free.

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