découvrez comment protéger votre jardin des nuisibles souterrains grâce à nos conseils de jardinage. restez alertes et prévenez les menaces qui peuvent nuire à la santé de votre jardin!

These underground pests are a threat to your garden!

Ah, gardening! This passion that allows us to cultivate our little corner of paradise. But be careful, dear green-fingered friends, your haven of peace is under constant threat from underground invaders. These pests, often invisible, can wreak havoc before you…

Les 7 signes d'une invasion de punaises de lit que vous ignorez probablement

7 Signs of a Bedbug Invasion You Probably Didn’t Know

ByParVirginie Boisclair15 Apr 2024

Bedbugs invite themselves into our rooms without warning. Do you think you’re safe? Think again! These cunning insects know how to be discreet. Here are seven signs of bedbug infestation…

Effrayant ! Ces nuisibles que vous pensiez inoffensifs et qui peuvent vous rendre malade

Scary ! These pests you thought were harmless but can make you sick

ByParVirginie Boisclair11 Apr 2024

Between barbecues with neighbors and football games in the garden, you might think that living in a house with a garden is idyllic. But wait… What’s hiding in the shadows…

Les entendez-vous quand vous dormez ? Ces petites bestioles qui prennent possession de votre logement la nuit !

Do you hear them when you sleep? These little critters that take over your home at night!

ByParVirginie Boisclair30 Mar 2024

Ah, the night, this moment of calm and rest… at least in appearance. Because while you sleep peacefully, an army of small creatures can be active in the shadows. Bedbugs,…

découvrez quels sont ces nuisibles qui se multiplient dans votre cuisine et menacent vos provisions !

These pests that love to proliferate in your kitchen and attack your groceries!

ByParVirginie Boisclair28 Mar 2024

The kitchen, this place of conviviality and indulgence where we like to come together to concoct delicious dishes. But did you know that this warm space is also the favorite…

Ce que les pros de la destruction des nuisibles ne vous diront jamais : le top 6 des nuisibles les plus destructeurs !

What pest control pros will never tell you: the top 6 most destructive pests!

ByParVirginie Boisclair25 Mar 2024

Pests are small invaders that invite themselves without warning into our urban homes and our carefully maintained gardens. They are more than just annoyances; some of them can cause considerable…

Nuisibles méconnus mais dangereux: ces 7 créatures silencieuses envahissent nos maisons en toute discrétion !

Little-known but dangerous pests: these 7 silent creatures invade our homes discreetly!

ByParVirginie Boisclair25 Mar 2024

Ah, urban life! Between the hectic pace and the pleasures of the city, we sometimes forget that our cozy homes can become the scene of discreet but dangerous invasions. No,…

Nuisibles VS Immobilier : comment ces petites bêtes peuvent entraîner l'effondrement de votre maison en quelques mois!

Pests VS Real Estate: how these little creatures can cause your house to collapse in just a few months!

ByParVirginie Boisclair22 Mar 2024

Ah, real estate, this sweet dream of stone and tranquility… until the pests invite themselves to the party! You may think these little critters are just a minor nuisance, but…

découvrez la vérité sur les blattes : démystification de 3 mythes

The truth about cockroaches: 3 myths debunked

ByParVirginie Boisclair12 Mar 2024

Ah, cockroaches! These little creatures who have a reputation for surviving a nuclear apocalypse and haunting our kitchens at night. But what do we really know about these insects that…

détectez les premiers signes d'une invasion de rats grâce à notre guide des 5 signes inquiétants à ne pas ignorer. protégez votre foyer dès maintenant.

Rat infestation: discover the 5 worrying signs not to ignore

ByParVirginie Boisclair12 Mar 2024

Ah, life in the suburbs! Its green gardens, its quiet streets… and sometimes, its unwanted guests. I am of course talking about rats, these small mammals which, despite their recognized…

découvrez les nuisibles insoupçonnés qui menacent votre jardin et apprenez comment vous en protéger efficacement.

Beware of these unsuspected pests in your garden!

ByParVirginie Boisclair12 Mar 2024

Ah, the garden! This haven of peace where you like to relax, cultivate your plants or simply enjoy the sun. But did you know that this green space can also…