Prevention and treatment

Bombe à retardement! Découvrez comment ces 5 erreurs courantes attirent les nuisibles chez vous

Time bomb! Find out how these 5 common mistakes attract pests to your home

Ah, the pests! These sneaky little invaders who seem to appear out of nowhere to make themselves comfortable in our home. But make no mistake, their presence is not the result of chance. In reality, some of our daily habits…

Peur d'être envahi par les punaises de lit ? Voici 5 gestes à adopter d'urgence !

Afraid of being invaded by bedbugs? Here are 5 actions to adopt urgently!

ByParVirginie Boisclair5 Apr 2024

Ah, city life! Its lights, its excitement… and its little unwanted visitors. Among them, bedbugs are real nightmares for anyone who values ​​the tranquility of their home. These little critters…

Le règne des cafards est terminé : découvrez ces astuces simples et puissantes pour les éradiquer !

The reign of cockroaches is over: discover these simple and powerful tips to eradicate them!

ByParVirginie Boisclair1 Apr 2024

Ah, the cockroaches! These stubborn little invaders that seem to have the ability to survive almost anything. But don’t worry, their reign in your apartment is about to end. With…

découvrez le remède de grand-mère étonnant qui éloigne efficacement les moustiques : une astuce incroyable à ne pas manquer !

Grandma’s remedy that scares away mosquitoes: you won’t believe it!

ByParVirginie Boisclair28 Mar 2024

Ah, summer! The season of barbecues, long evenings on the terrace and… mosquitoes. These little winged vampires can turn a balmy night into a real itchy nightmare. But before you…

La guerre aux poux commence maintenant : découvrez 7 moyens simples et naturels pour les éradiquer !

The war on lice begins now: discover 7 simple and natural ways to eradicate them!

ByParVirginie Boisclair28 Mar 2024

Ah, lice! These little parasites which invite themselves on the heads of our dear toddlers and which trigger a real red alert in homes. Don’t panic, war on lice is…

Top 5 des plantes à cultiver pour repousser naturellement les nuisibles du jardin ! C'est le moment de les planter !

Top 5 plants to grow to naturally repel garden pests! It’s time to plant them!

ByParVirginie Boisclair25 Mar 2024

Ah, gardening! This sweet blend of science and art that allows us to create a little corner of personal paradise. But now, this haven of peace sometimes attracts unwanted visitors:…

Les experts sont d'accord: Voici les astuces anti-nuisibles qui fonctionnent vraiment !

Experts Agree: Here Are the Pest Control Tips That Really Work!

ByParVirginie Boisclair23 Mar 2024

Ah, the pests! These little intruders who invite themselves without warning into our homes and gardens. Whether you’re dealing with bold ants, thirsty mosquitoes, or reckless rodents, there are proven…

Quelles huiles essentielles utiliser pour faire fuir les puces ?

What essential oils should you use to scare away fleas?

ByParVirginie Boisclair12 Mar 2024

Ah, fleas! These little acrobats from the animal kingdom who have the gift of transforming our homes into playgrounds for their bloodthirsty antics. But don’t panic, there are natural and…

découvrez des astuces efficaces pour éliminer une infestation de fourmis dans votre maison.

How to effectively eradicate an ant infestation?

ByParVirginie Boisclair12 Mar 2024

Ah, the ants! These organized and hardworking little insects can become real pests when they decide to invade our homes. Have you noticed a single file of these little creatures…

5 astuces naturelles pour rendre votre maison répulsive aux nuisibles

5 natural tips to make your home pest-repellent

ByParVirginie Boisclair11 Mar 2024

Ah, the pests! These little intruders who invite themselves into our home without being invited. They can transform our haven of peace into a veritable battlefield. But do not panic…