Anti dormouse guide

Faced with the increase in cases of dormice infestation in homes, it is essential to understand how to prevent and effectively treat this problem. These small mammals, although cute, can cause considerable damage and pose health risks. In this guide, we’ll explore natural and eco-friendly methods to keep these unwanted rodents away.

Understanding dormice behavior

Before tackling an infestation, it is crucial to know the enemy. Dormouses are nocturnal animals that feed mainly on fruits, nuts and small prey. They are particularly attracted to warm, insulated spaces for nesting, such as attics or attics. Their presence is often betrayed by scratching noises at night or the discovery of droppings.

Prevention: the first line of defense

Prevention is the key to avoiding a dormice infestation. It is recommended to seal all openings through which these rodents could enter your home. This includes cracks in walls, gaps around pipes, and gaps under roofs. The use of metal mesh or steel caps can be very effective in blocking their access.

Natural methods to keep dormice away

Using natural repellents is an eco-friendly approach to deter dormice. Substances such as ammonia, vinegar, or even certain essential oils like peppermint can create an unpleasant olfactory environment for these rodents. Additionally, installing anti-rodent ultrasound can disrupt their hearing system without harming the environment or human health.

Sustainable solutions: habitat and biodiversity

Encouraging biodiversity in your garden can play a significant role in combating dormice. The presence of natural predatory birds can help regulate the population of these rodents. Installing nest boxes and planting plant species that attract these birds can be a beneficial strategy in the long term.

Cleaning and hygiene: essential allies

A clean, well-maintained environment is less likely to attract dormice. It is important to regularly clean your home and especially areas likely to be infested. Eliminating potential food sources by securing your trash cans and properly storing your food can greatly reduce the risk of an invasion.

When to call a professional?

In some cases, despite all your precautions, an infestation may persist or prove too large to handle alone. Calling on a professional experienced in pest management may then be necessary. These experts have the appropriate knowledge and tools to safely eliminate a population of dormice while respecting the local ecosystem.

In short, combating dormice infestations requires a proactive approach combining prevention, judicious use of natural repellents and maintaining a clean environment. By adopting these practices, you will not only help protect your home but also preserve the delicate balance of our ecosystem.