Hidden in plain sight: 7 pests you might be harboring without knowing it

Cachés en plein jour : 7 nuisibles que vous pourriez héberger sans le savoir
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In our homes, behind the walls or under the floors, some unwanted guests often hide without our knowledge. These harmful can not only cause significant material damage, but also pose risks to our health. Let’s discover together seven of these intruder that you could be hosting without even knowing it.

1. Bedbugs

THE Bedbugs are nocturnal parasites that feed on human blood. They are particularly difficult to detect because of their small size and their habit of hiding in the seams of mattresses or cracks in furniture. An infestation can cause itching and trouble sleeping. According to a study published in the *Journal of Medical Entomology*, these pests are constantly increasing in urban areas.

2. Termites

THE termites can cause significant structural damage by feeding on wood. Often their presence is only detected after significant damage has been caused. Experts like those at Purdue University recommend regular inspections to prevent severe infestations.

3. Cockroaches

THE cockroaches are not only unpleasant to see, but they also carry various pathogens. They can contaminate food and your kitchen surfaces with bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella. Their ability to reproduce quickly requires rapid intervention to avoid a major infestation.

4. Rodents

Mice and rats often find shelter in our homes during the cold months. These rodents can damage electrical cables and are also known to carry diseases such as leptospirosis. It is crucial to seal all potential access points for these little intruders and use traps if necessary.

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5. Food moths

THE food moths can infest various stored products such as cereals, nuts or chocolate. They are often introduced into our homes via already contaminated products bought in stores. Storing your food in airtight containers can help prevent it from spreading.

6. Carpenter ants

These ants, which prefer damp wood, can cause damage similar to that of termites. They dig into wood to establish their nests, thus weakening the structure of your house. Effective management often involves eliminating sources of moisture and using specific baits.

7. Mites

THE mites Dust thrives in warm, humid environments, especially in bedding, carpets and upholstered furniture. They are responsible for allergies in some people and can be controlled by maintaining a high level of hygiene and using anti-mite covers for bedding.
The presence of these pests can often go unnoticed until the problem becomes serious. Regular vigilance and expert intervention can help you protect your home against these discreet but destructive invasions.
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