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Prise en charge par la mairie de mon infestation de nuisibles : est-ce possible ?

Management of my pest infestation by the town hall: is this possible?

Pests are small intruders who invite themselves into our home without warning. Whether you are in town or in the countryside, no one is safe from an invasion of these undesirables. But then, faced with an army of ants in…

Dégâts causés par les nuisibles : Quelle prise en charge possible par votre assureur ?

Damage caused by pests: What coverage is possible by your insurer?

ByParVirginie Boisclair15 Apr 2024

These little intruders who invite themselves into our homes without warning and who, in addition to disrupting our daily lives, can sometimes cause considerable damage. But what should we do…

découvrez les risques associés à l'utilisation des pesticides, rodenticides et biocides dans la lutte contre les nuisibles.

Pesticides, rodenticides, biocides: we tell you everything about the dangers of pest control products

ByParVirginie Boisclair11 Apr 2024

Whether it’s the ants organizing a parade on your work surface, the rats thinking they’re in an episode of “Ratatouille” or the mosquitoes playing nocturnal vampires, the temptation is great…

découvrez comment éliminer en toute sécurité les animaux morts de votre jardin grâce à nos conseils pratiques et efficaces.

Dead animals in your garden: how to remove them safely?

ByParVirginie Boisclair4 Apr 2024

Ah, country life! A haven of peace, a privileged contact with nature… until we discovered a small, unexpected and unfortunately deceased visitor in our garden. So what should we do…

besoin d'enlever un nid d'abeilles, de frelons ou de guêpes ? découvrez qui contacter en cas d'infestation et comment vous en protéger.

Bees, hornets, wasps: who to call in case of a nest?

ByParVirginie Boisclair28 Mar 2024

When the incessant buzzing is heard and you discover a nest of bees, hornets or wasps near your home, the question of who to call to get rid of them…

Infestation de rats : qui doit agir ? Le locataire ou le propriétaire ?

Rat infestation: who should act? The tenant or the owner?

ByParVirginie Boisclair25 Mar 2024

Ah, rats! These little beings which, despite their intelligence and their role in the ecosystem, can become real scourges when they invite themselves into our homes. But faced with a…

Présence de nuisibles dans votre logement ? Vérifiez votre assurance habitation pour éviter les mauvaises surprises !

Presence of pests in your home? Check your home insurance to avoid unpleasant surprises!

ByParVirginie Boisclair25 Mar 2024

We often see life in the suburbs as a little haven of peace, a garden for Sunday barbecues and… unwanted guests who are not on the guest list. Yes, I’m…

Quelles sont les espèces de nuisibles protégées que vous ne pouvez pas éliminer vous-mêmes ?

What are the protected pest species that you cannot eliminate yourself?

ByParVirginie Boisclair22 Mar 2024

Ah, life in the suburbs! A little corner of paradise with its garden, its tranquility… and its little unwanted visitors. But be careful, before declaring war on the pests that…

découvrez des solutions pour protéger vos animaux de compagnie des infestations de nuisibles et les préserver efficacement.

Protecting pets: how to protect them from pest infestations

ByParVirginie Boisclair12 Mar 2024

Pets are integral members of our family, and their well-being is a priority for any caring owner. However, our four-legged friends are not immune to pest infestations that can compromise…

Comment les nuisibles peuvent réduire la valeur de votre propriété

How Pests Can Reduce Your Property Value

ByParVirginie Boisclair12 Mar 2024

Ah, the pests! These little intruders who come into our home without being invited and who, casually, can cause major damage. Not only do they disrupt our daily lives, but…

Bien choisir son entreprise de désinsectisation : les critères indispensables à prendre en compte

Choosing the right pest control company: essential criteria to consider

ByParVirginie Boisclair11 Mar 2024

Ah, the sunny days are back, and with them, unfortunately, the unwelcome little beasts invading our homes and gardens. You know, those pests that seem to multiply at lightning speed…