The war on lice begins now: discover 7 simple and natural ways to eradicate them!

La guerre aux poux commence maintenant : découvrez 7 moyens simples et naturels pour les éradiquer !
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Ah, lice! These little parasites which invite themselves on the heads of our dear toddlers and which trigger a real red alert in homes.

Don’t panic, war on lice is declared and here are seven simple and natural ways to eradicate without calling on chemical cavalry!

1. Tea tree essential oil, a powerful repellent

Tea tree essential oil is recognized for its properties antiparasitics. A few drops in shampoo or diluted in water to rinse the hair, and you are armed with a shield against these unwanted people.

2. The fine comb, the essential ally

Arm yourself with patience and comb. After each shampoo, pass it thoroughly through damp hair. This is a proven method for removing lice and nits manually.

3. White vinegar, to loosen nits

White vinegar is a great ally thanks to its acidity which helps remove nits from the hair. Apply it diluted to the scalp before combing. A grandmother’s remedy that has proven itself!

4. Garlic, an odorous but effective remedy

The strong smell of garlic is an excellent repellent against lice. Create a paste with several crushed pods, apply to the scalp and leave on under a shower cap before rinsing.

5. Lavender, not just about scent

Lavender is not just a pretty flower with a pleasant scent; it is also formidable against lice. Use lavender essential oil for prevention by putting a few drops behind the ears or on clothing.

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6. Mechanical methods, back to basics

In addition to regular combing, remember to carefully clean everything that comes into contact with the head: pillowcases, brushes, hats, etc. Impeccable hygiene is crucial in the fight against lice.

7. Prevention, the best weapon against invasion

Finally, don’t forget that the prevention is your best defense. Simple actions like tying up long hair or avoiding swapping hats can make all the difference.

Feel free to share your own tips and come back soon for more news, tips and tricks!

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