Top 5 plants to grow to naturally repel garden pests! It’s time to plant them!

Top 5 des plantes à cultiver pour repousser naturellement les nuisibles du jardin ! C'est le moment de les planter !
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Ah, gardening! This sweet blend of science and art that allows us to create a little corner of personal paradise. But now, this haven of peace sometimes attracts unwanted visitors: pests.

Fortunately, Mother Nature, in her great wisdom, offers us solutions to repel these little creatures without resorting to chemistry. So what are these heroic plants who will keep your garden healthy and your harvests bountiful? Here are the top 5 to plant without delay!

Lemongrass: The Scarecrow of Mosquitoes

We do not present her anymore ! There lemongrass is famous for its characteristic odor that repels mosquitoes. A study published in the “Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association” confirmed its effectiveness as a natural repellent.

Plant it in a pot or in the ground, and enjoy your summer evenings without being the target of these little flying vampires.

Lavender: More Than a Purple Beauty

Lavender is not only a plant with a pleasant scent and romantic allure. She is also a natural repellent against moths, flies and even fleas.

In addition to beautifying your garden with its purple shades, it protects your vegetables and yourself from biting insects. A double advantage which makes her an essential ally.

Basil: The Sacred Anti-Gnat Herb

Basil, this aromatic herb popular in cooking, is also formidable against midges and flies. Placing basil near your green plants or on your windowsill can greatly reduce the presence of these annoying insects.

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Marigolds: The Colorful Guardians of the Vegetable Garden

Marigolds are not only pretty to look at with their bright colors; they are also very useful for protecting your vegetable garden.

These flowers release a substance that repels nematodes and other underground pests that could harm your crops. Additionally, they attract beneficial insects like ladybugs which delight in aphids.

Marigold: A Floral Shield Against Moles

Finally, marigold is another plant with multiple virtues. Not only does it beautify the garden with its warm hues, but it is also known to repel moles with its strong smell.

Growing these plants in your garden is not just a way ecological And healthy to repel pests; it’s also a way to add color and life to your outdoor space.

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