What are the protected pest species that you cannot eliminate yourself?

Quelles sont les espèces de nuisibles protégées que vous ne pouvez pas éliminer vous-mêmes ?
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Ah, life in the suburbs! A little corner of paradise with its garden, its tranquility… and its little unwanted visitors.

But be careful, before declaring war on the pests that come into your home, it is important to know that some of them are protected by law.

So, how can we distinguish between protecting biodiversity and defending our sweet home? Follow the leader !

The IUCN Red List: a safeguard for threatened species

Did you know that the Red List of the’International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists more than 2,000 threatened species in France? It is a real indicator that helps us identify species that are prohibited from disturbing or eliminating. Before any action, make sure that your “enemy” is not on this list.

Unwanted but protected guests

Among the pests that can take up residence in your home, some are protected by law.

Take the example of dormouse, this small mammal with a mischievous look that can cause damage in your attic. However, it is protected and cannot be hunted without precautions. Solutions exist to coexist peacefully with him.

There weasel, often confused with a large marten, is also a curious and unloved animal which benefits from legal protection. It can cause noise and property damage, but there are non-lethal methods to keep it away.

When regulations get involved

The Ministry of Ecology has put in place strict regulations concerning certain species such as the badger. The destruction of these animals can only be done with specific authorizations and under very specific conditions.

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Ecological alternatives for managing pests

For those who wish to act while respecting the environment, there are ecological alternatives to manage pests. For example, to avoid an infestation of fruit flies During the winter, sometimes we just need to change our food storage habits.

Fighting unprotected pests

Of course, not all pests are protected and some can be managed on your own. THE coypu, for example, is considered a rodent pest and can be eliminated under certain conditions.

Likewise, the fight against the larva of cockchafer, although tedious, is permitted and even encouraged in certain cases.

Protect your garden without harming wildlife

Finally, if your concern is more plant-related, such as protecting your strawberries from birds without harming them, there are simple and effective tips that respect wildlife while safeguarding your harvest.

Here’s an overview that should help you see more clearly your rights and obligations regarding the little creatures that share your space. Feel free to share your own experiences and come back soon for more news, tips and advice!

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