Rat infestation: who should act? The tenant or the owner?

Infestation de rats : qui doit agir ? Le locataire ou le propriétaire ?
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Ah, rats! These little beings which, despite their intelligence and their role in the ecosystem, can become real scourges when they invite themselves into our homes.

But faced with a rat infestation, a question often arises: who should take charge, the tenant where the owner ? This is a thorny subject that deserves attention.

Shared responsibility

First of all, it is important to understand that controlling pest infestations is a shared responsibility.

According to the law, the owner has the obligation to provide decent and nuisance-free accommodation. So, if you discover rats when you arrive in a new home, it is up to the owner to act.

When should the tenant intervene?

However, if the infestation occurs after you have moved in and is due to poor hygiene or negligence on the part of the tenant (such as allowing rubbish to accumulate), then it is up to them to take action. necessary to eradicate these unwanted rodents.

It is therefore crucial to maintain a clean environment so as not to attract these visitors.

Environmentally friendly solutions

For those looking for solutions environmentally friendly, there are alternative methods to harsh chemicals. The use of non-lethal rat traps or even adopting a cat are possible options.

Additionally, some specialized companies offer eco-friendly interventions to control rat populations without harming the ecosystem.

The importance of prevention

Prevention remains the best weapon against infestations. It is essential to seal cracks and holes where rats could enter and to keep exterior areas clean and clear.

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Dialogue, the key to success

In the event of an infestation, dialogue between tenant and owner is essential. Good communication will quickly establish an action plan and determine who needs to call a professional to resolve the problem effectively.

Finally, remember that when dealing with rats, rapid and concerted action is your best ally. Whether you are a tenant or an owner, it is essential to intervene at the first signs of an infestation to protect your living space and your health.

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