When should you call on professionals to eradicate processionary caterpillars?

The presence of processionary caterpillars in our gardens is not only a nuisance, it is also a danger to the health of people and pets because of their stinging hairs. To understand when it is necessary to resort to professionals to eradicate them is crucial to maintaining the security and serenity of our environment.

Identify the presence of processionary caterpillars

Detecting the presence of these pests is the first step before deciding on professional intervention. Caterpillars can often be spotted in their silky cone-shaped nests clinging to the branches of pine trees and other trees during the spring period. Careful observation of trees from the beginning of spring is recommended to anticipate and control their population.

Assess the level of infestation

The decision to call in professionals depends greatly on the level of infestation. A low presence of these caterpillars can sometimes be managed by natural means or homemade solutions. However, a massive infestation or repeated presence every year is a warning signal for more radical and professional intervention.

Consider health and safety risks

The health of residents must be a priority. The hairs of processionary caterpillars can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals and animals. If your environment includes children, the elderly or sensitive subjects, the rapid intervention of a professional is essential to avoid any risk of contact with these stinging hairs.

Choose the right time for the intervention

The timing of the intervention is crucial. Early spring, when caterpillars begin to descend from trees to bury themselves in the ground, is often the ideal time. Calling on professionals during this period maximizes the effectiveness of treatments and minimizes the risk of dispersal of stinging hairs, thus protecting the local ecosystem.

The expertise of professionals: added value

Professionals not only have the right equipment to treat infestations, but also the expertise that ensures effective and environmentally friendly eradication. Their experience makes it possible to identify the best intervention strategy while preserving the biodiversity of the garden or park concerned.

In conclusion, know when to call on professionals to eradicate processionary caterpillars is essential. Rapid, well-planned action, carried out by experts, can prevent considerable damage to your environment and protect the health of residents. Properly and regularly assessing the situation and choosing a reputable professional ensure effective control of these pests.