Pests and health: What are the risks of cohabitation with these intruders?

Nuisibles et santé : Quels sont les risques de cohabitation avec ces intrus ?
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In our daily quest for a healthy and secure environment, the presence of harmful in our living and working spaces poses a major challenge. These unwanted intruders are not only a source of annoyance; they also represent serious risks for the health. Understanding these risks is essential to implementing risk management strategies. disinfestation effective and … Lire plus

Scary ! These pests you thought were harmless but can make you sick

Effrayant ! Ces nuisibles que vous pensiez inoffensifs et qui peuvent vous rendre malade
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Between barbecues with neighbors and football games in the garden, you might think that living in a house with a garden is idyllic. But wait… What’s hiding in the shadows of your charming home? Unwanted guests who are not only annoying, but can also be dangerous to your health. Yes, you read correctly: certain pests … Lire plus