How to kill processionary caterpillars on the ground?

THE processionary caterpillars pose a major problem in residential areas and orchards. This article details effective methods for removing them from the ground, with an emphasis on environmentally friendly approaches.

Identification of processionary caterpillars

To effectively combat processionary caterpillars, it is crucial to identify them correctly. These caterpillars can be recognized by their movement in single file, hence their name. They are covered with stinging hairs which are very dangerous for humans and animals. It is essential to avoid any direct contact with these caterpillars.

Mechanical control techniques

The use of mechanical techniques can be a first approach to eliminate processionary caterpillars on the ground. These include vacuuming up the caterpillars using a specialist vacuum cleaner or collecting them manually (with suitable protection) and then destroying them securely.

Use of ecological traps

Ecological traps are excellent allies in the fight against caterpillars. Pheromone traps, for example, attract males and thus prevent reproduction. Other types of traps, such as water or glue traps, can be used to capture caterpillars directly on the ground.

Biological control methods

The introduction of natural predators such as certain birds, for example tits, is an ecological and effective method. These birds feed on the caterpillars and can therefore naturally help reduce their population. It is also possible to use nematodes, natural parasites of caterpillars, which infect them and limit their proliferation.

Biocidal products

If the above methods are insufficient, the use of biocidal products can be considered. It is recommended to choose products specifically designed for processionary caterpillars that have less impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Consultation with a professional for the application of these products is strongly recommended for effective and safe treatment.

It is essential to always favor solutions that respect the environment and biodiversity. The eradication of processionary caterpillars requires a meticulous approach and sometimes the intervention of specialists. This guide aims to provide you with effective methods while preserving your garden and your environment.